Sunday, 7 November 2010

Portraits I'd LOVE to try..

So this blog is more about portraits I'd like to try. I loove more abstracty, fancy dress type portraits.

This is one of my favourite photos of all time, I'm not sure who did it though as I found it on google. I love the petals around her eyes and acting as her mouth. Also love her make up and the view point it was shot at.

This is another one I really like,  but, I would have painted her face white and used brighter pink petals. (Her eyes are amazing)

I really like the idea of this one as well, would love to try putting flowers on someones head as their hair and maybe some petals on their face (might be too much though) and paint their face white.

This one gave me inspiration to paint someones face like a sugar skull tattoo, I love them and I think it would make a really good photo.

I love these images from Alice In Wonderland, I love the outfits they are in. Also their expressions are really good because it shows their personality in the film.

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