Thursday, 4 November 2010

Photojournalism, brief 3 - Evening Times

This brief was made and delivered by the picture editor of the Evening Times newspaper. She gave us the choice of 5 briefs to choose from, the one I chose was about how Glasgow was a rainy hell hole full of chavs. We had to submit 3 images, a portrait, one with something in it in which you could tell it was glasgow and another general image. This brief was rushed tbh.

For this, Lucienne and I went on a wander before the shoot to find suitable locations for the images. On the shoot we used a Canon 5D Mk2, a Canon 580 speedlight and a Canon 430 speedlight.

This is the portrait shot, this shows the "chav" and also shows it's Glasgow because of the "Byres Road garage" sign on the wall.

For my second image I chose this location because I found it quite hard to find a location with a derelict/rough place and a location where you could tell it was Glasgow. In this one there is a derelict building lit up by the 430 speedlight and a sign saying SECC, City Centre and Edinburgh on it. Also, in this image, it's raining so also supports "rain soaked".

My third and final image shows graffiti in a derelict building. Although in this image you can't tell it's Glasgow, it shows a pretty rough image and along with the other images in which do show Glasgow, you can probably tell! This image is lit with the 580 and 430 speedlights.

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