Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fashion, self initiated brief...

So, for my fashion self-initiated brief I chose to do English Heritage. I'd been wanting to do this kind of fashion shoot for a while and this was my chance.

It didn't work out exactly how I'd liked because I left all the planning and deciding on clothes until last minute. I would have loved to have bought more clothes and accessories for a few different looks but I couldn't afford it. These two are the best from the shoot.

Model: Suzanne Wilson.



Graded 2...

I've not posted a blog in a while because I've been really busy with finishing college off. I can't wait until it's all over, during summer I am going to work to save up for more equipment, learn to drive (and hopefully get a car!!!) and work on new photos for my portfolio!

These images are some of my finals for Graded 2. I haven't put them all up here because I wasn't happy with most of them. The ones I have put up are the ones I'm happiest with but I still don't like them much!