Thursday, 4 November 2010

Photojournalism, brief 7 - short deadline

This brief was given to me on the Wednesday and I had to have handed it in on the Friday, with all research, contact sheets, ideas and final images shot in my worbook - stress! But, I got it done!!

Everyone in my class got different headlines, I got - "20 year old world yoyo champion"

In one of my images I wanted to show the yoyo in focus and the model in the background, out of focus, but still able to see his face and expressions.

Action shot. This one shows the "champion" doing what he does best! I thought it better to have him actually doing it rather than just have it dangling to look like he's doing it. As you can see, this works better because of the expression on his face and you can see movement in the yoyo. This was a lot harder than it looks because you have to try and get the yoyo in frame and with him moving it was harder to focus.

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  1. I was actually planning on trying some yo-yo shots at some point soon so good effort!