Thursday, 4 November 2010

Photojournalism, brief 8 - Representation and Reality

This was a biggy as some of the final images were put into an exhibition at the CCA, Glasgow.
We had to submit 5 images or more and were given a choice of subjects to chose from to focus on, these were:

 • immigration & asylum • women • war & conflict • self-determination • racism • miscarriages of justice • eviction • poverty • social exclusion • workers/unemployed rights • mental health & social care • young people • human trafficking • indigenous cultures • environmental concerns • global policies & local consequences • LGBT rights
Obviously some of those subjects were really not going to be chose because of danger and basically because they were unrealistic for students to be able to shoot, for example, human trafficking!
I chose environmental concerns:

This first one is about litter although it could also be about health issues. I like the composition in this one, it complies with the rule of thirds which means the cigarette packets position compliments the image.

This is my favourite image of this brief, and maybe of this year so far. I love the grungy/dullness of it. I think it really shows the environmental concerns and portrays the brief correctly.

Graffiti - although this is not damaging the environment, it is making it look awful if it's not done well and done in certain places.

This next photo is an abandoned building, I think it must have been some sort of entertainment building because there was a stage and loads of seats. As with the graffiti, this isn't doing any damage to the environment but it's such an eyesore and could be put to good use.

This one didn't work out as planned, I'd walked past this place a few times and every time the ashtray had been overflowing with cigarette buds, but, just my luck, when I went to take photos of it for this, it had hardly any in it. I don't think it's a bad photo though, just wasn't what I had hoped for.

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